A Wrist Watch in the 21st Century?!

So why wear a watch in the 21st Century? Two reasons: a classy look and functionality.

Sure, we’re all into smartphones. But did you know that a wrist watch still sparks elegance and class?

Whether you’re hashing out the last few minutes of a business deal, or you’re enjoying a casual night with your date, pulling out a smartphone to keep tabs on time is a NO-NO!

Try it. You will surely raise eyebrows in the conference room. Or, risk not having a second date with that sweetheart.

For reasons I don’t know, society still favors that classy flick of a wrist and a quick glance on a wrist watch.

      Aside from sporting that classy look, having a watch is also very functional. Since time began – no pun intended – watches have served their wearers well. For example, WWI soldiers coordinated attacks on the battlefield at a particular time, but didn’t think it practical to take their hands off their weapon to pull out a pocket watch. The solution? You guessed it, a wrist watch!

      Today, wrist watches are common among men and women of all ages. From the deep sea diver, who times the precise return to surface, to the aviator, who calculates the flight speed and distance, wrist watches have proven their functionality.

So why not sport a simple, but stylish timepiece today? You don’t have to break the bank to get one.

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