About Us

At Tekoa, our mission is clear: To design watches that are sleek, stylish, and affordable, without compromising functionality and your budget. We guess you could say, we want our customers to have a watch that doesn't complicate their lives, but keeps things simple. That is why at Tekoa, we have a saying, "Simple Never Looked So Good." Out of this desire to keep things simple, Tekoa was formed. Keep tabs on our upcoming designs by subscribing to our email list or following us on social media. If we don't have a current design that you desire to have wrapped around your wrist, don't worry, we will always have new designs in the pipeline. If you still don't feel satisfied, send us an email with some suggestions. You never know, we may just take you up on your designs. Until then, let us be the first to welcome you to the family! - Tekoa Team