Watch Talk: Part 1 - Basic Parts of a Watch

If you’re not a watch enthusiast, it may be tough to understand some terms like: movement, dial, etc. I know the pain of “googling” each word. So, we hope this blog helps simplify things for you. 

This topic will come in three parts:

Part 1 will talk about basic parts

Part 2 will walk through the movement types

Part 3 will touch on common types of watches


Caveat: Because this is a simplified blog meant for leisure reading, information will not be extensive nor exhaustive. We will give credit to resources, so feel free to check them out! 




The photo above is pretty much self explanatory. But there are some items that we didn’t include, like: 


  1. crystal - glass that protects the dial; may be sapphire, mineral, acrylic
  2. bezel - top ring surrounding the crystal; may be decorative or functional 





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