Time Can Tell - What Your Watch Says About You

The Minimalist

Less is more. This is your life’s motto.

For you, life is and should not be complicated. You tend to make decisions based on “needs” and not on “wants.” Too much stuff makes you anxious. You prefer clean, organized, and clutter-free environments.

And this carries over to your watch style.

Clean design. Muted color palettes. Simple watch bands. The minimalist in you enjoy this combination. The watch that’s free of complicated designs will land its place in your heart – and wrist.


The Adventurer

You love adventure and the thrill of the unknown. Be it exploring the outdoors or braving the concrete jungle, your high-spirited nature enjoys both spontaneity and careful planning.

Hence, you enjoy fitness or smart watches to track the essentials of adventure: speed, distance, heart-rate, routes, and fitness goals. Or, they may be emails, messages, events, and other life goals.

And like your BFF, your watch is ever by your side as you explore new territories.




The Traditionalist

You appreciate tradition and long-term investments over the latest trend.

Whether its relationships, career, or money, you carefully plan with the end in mind. If it’s something that won’t last for decades, you don’t see it as a wise venture. But once you have spotted that great deal, you take the necessary risks to get it. 

This knack for high-caliber items spills over to your watch style. Gold is your color. Rolex can be your middle name. You’re not afraid to spend money on your watch because it’s not just a timepiece. It’s a potential heirloom. 



The Resilient One

You value hard work (literally!) and shy away from anyone or anything that’s flashy. There’s nothing delicate about you.

You’re tough. Period.  

And you need a watch that matches your style.

Rugged. Bulky. Tactical. Those are a few features you prefer in a watch. As long as the watch can resist the harsh elements like you do, it will earn its place on your wrist.




The Quirky Type

No, you’re not weird. You are just unique and comfortable with your own skin and style.

You notice trends, but you’re not necessarily swayed by them. You value your own opinion and are more than likely to voice it through your personal items.

Skeleton watches that show the hardware and intricate workings amuse you.

Each gear uniquely identifies each watch like a thumbprint. And to you, this kind of watch tells the world of your style.




The Eco-friendly

You value the planet Earth and the resources therein. However, this is just a reflection of a deeper conviction: you value what you’ve been given and entrusted with. 

You pay attention to what you do and how you do them. And because of this, people around you can have a better place to live in.

It’s easy to spot you in the crowd. Wood, sustainable materials, and eco-drive technology are your trademark. Thanks to you, watches can now be stylish and earth-friendly.